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We, Internet Judo Fukyuu Kyokai (Internet Judo Popularization Association), are willing to let as many people as possible the existing Judo HomePages in Japan, and opened under new domein gathering some of the Judo Web Masters in Japan.

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*Japan Judo Page
 Schedule and Results of Representing Matches in Japan, Polls, Judo Rules, Q & A.....Japanese Only

*Judo Committee in Kofu Junior Sports Body
 Introducing the records of local sports group for younger generation in Kofu city....Japanese Only

*Toyota City Judo Club
 Introducing Toyota City Judo Club and its sports group activities. Judo Monologue should be fun....Partially English

 Contents Totally Renewed!! Surf around the judo sites in the world offering the joy of net-surfing and introducing Akayuzawa Junior Sports Group. Free Bulletin Board available.

*Fukujukai/Fukude Judo Club
For the future of the young generation, grow-up thoughtfull and tough with Judo!!....Japanese Only

*Urawa High School Judo Club Alumini Association
We honor over 400 membership since 1895. Browse the tradition and contemporary humorous and serious club members....English Pages Available

*Urawa City Judo Association
The city "Urawa" has one of the best universities for Judo "Saitama University" which had brought up many of the Olympic Medalists.

*Urawa Judo Center--Shusinjuku--under construction
Introducing the dojo owned by Mr. Hiroyuki Hasegawa, 8-dan, who had won several Japanese championship back in 60's.

*Indo-Japan Friendship Association
"Let India have dojo with tatami!!" Mr. Miura, Secretary of the association appeals strongly. The page includes the introduction of editions about Judo and India, Indian classical music concerts and so on.

*Coming Soon!!
 IJFK Olympic Judo Information
Special Features on Sydney Olympic Judo Matches

IJFK Membership....Japanese Only

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